About US

Our team is from different segments of IT and financial business. We have been investing in the IT industry for over 20 years. We understand how to build information technology jobs and grow IT businesses and how to interact with IT-professionals.

We know how to properly realize the intellectual potential of IT companies, protect the IT business legally and monetize the project at various stages. We created IT companies, successfully attracted investments, implemented acquisitions, sold IT businesses.

The experience our team has gained over more than 20 years in the IT business enables Intecracy Ventures to flexibly look at startup models for all kinds of IT businesses, including startups.

Today we work with young entrepreneurs and venture investors within the Intecrator startup accelerator modelled by Venture Builder and grow the Intecracy Group consortium business.
Anton Marrero
Anton MarreroBoard member
Yuriy Sivitsky
Yuriy SivitskyBoard member
Michael Vyhovsky
Michael VyhovskyBoard member
Andriy Pavlik
Andriy PavlikBoard member
 Anna Kuhar
Anna Kuhar Chief Legal Officer
Taras Mykhailichenko
Taras MykhailichenkoChief Financial Officer

Values, mission and vision

Our values

The core values of our company are our employees and our reputation. We create the conditions for the self-realization of specialists. We fulfil our obligations following the principles and norms of professional ethics. We create systems and use technologies that allow our customers to earn extra profit.

Our mission

We strive to improve the quality of life by attracting an investment resource to the economy. The economy is the basis of human development. As a result, the interests of people, businesses, social and state structures are combined, the economy is developing and people's well-being is increasing.

Our vision

After 10 years, the company will become the market leader. The investment portfolio will consist of dozens of companies and startups in the B2B and B2B2C segment. Clients (venture investors) will make a significant return on their investment and will continue to partner with Intecracy Ventures.

Company activity

Intecracy Ventures helps to attract investments in IT companies and projects, invest funds in projects that meet the requirements of the company for the quality of management and business processes.

Our team has successfully invested and/or attracted investments in companies that are currently operating in the B2B and B2B2C segments and are leaders in their niches. We see opportunities in the areas in which we have worked and invest in the markets we know.

Intecracy Ventures assists in managing the investment in international markets and offers the best investment strategies based on years of experience and in-depth expertise.

Intecracy Ventures Co.

Principles of doing business


The Intecracy Ventures team is responsible for the process of providing services, collaboration offers, motivation.


We involve only exclusively qualified people for work and cooperation, who are constantly improving their competencies.


We encourage the search for and introduction of new ideas and technologies, and open opportunities for self-realization.


Working with us is mutual support, confidence in the partner. We are against corruption in any form.


We respect the freedom to choose our clients and partners. We stand for fair competition and humanism.


We minimize environmental impact, support a variety of eco-friendly IT projects and green startups.


Venture investments

The INTECRATOR is a program designed according to the Venture Builder model – a first of its kind in Ukraine. The program guides high-tech startups from the prototype stage to market launch of a full-fledged product.

Cooperation with us will allow the most successful startups to get the opportunity to work with the largest corporate players - leaders in their relevant industries.

The INTECRATOR is a joint project by Intecracy Ventures and EY in Ukraine focused on acceleration and incubation of startups. .

About US

Intecracy Ventures helps to attract investments and invest funds in projects that meet the requirements of the company for the quality of management and business processes. We know how to realize the intellectual potential technically, without disturbing IT companies, how to protect the IT business legally and monetize the project at various stages.

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