IT consulting allows you to prepare an enterprise or organization for the implementation of modern tools.

Providing IT consulting services opens up new approaches to automation and process optimization for the company. It includes the audit of current business processes and information systems, their modernization and automation.

The service allows organizing the organizational structure, business processes, document circulation of the enterprise, to introduce the appropriate standards, standard decisions, unified forms and more. And, most importantly, to create a single information space in the enterprise.

The project includes the following steps:

Management analysis
The state of the subject area where the information system will be implemented is analyzed. That is, the organization that ordered the IT-consulting service.

First of all, there is an identification of needs for business process automation, creation of information environment, decision support systems, optimization and standardization of technologies of work of managers and specialists.

Management analysis shows that performance is hampered by whether there is a vacuum or duplication of functions, whether there are coordination mechanisms, how effective is the executive vertical and horizontal links, or balanced or powers and responsibilities, etc.

The purpose of management analysis is to provide information to the client for managerial decision-making, choice of development options, determination of strategic priorities.

Time for development

The need for IT consulting services arises at the moment when the business makes strategic decisions: entering new markets, changing marketing strategy, investment policy etc. That is why investment and IT consulting services are closely linked.

Intecracy Ventures offers IT consulting including the design, implementation and maintenance of IT systems, software development and ancillary services. We have experience, competencies and specialists for this.

IT-Consulting from Intecracy Ventures is a real opportunity to get professional help to solve a specific problem from an experienced consultant.
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