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Intecracy Ventures helps to attract investments and invest funds in projects that meet the requirements of the company in terms of quality of management and business processes. At a certain stage (for example, during favourable market conditions) a company exits a project, sells assets, receives funds and returns them to investors by buying shares. This whole process can be called asset management consulting.
Intecracy Ventures provides investment management assistance services in international and local markets and offers the best investment strategies based on years of experience and in-depth expertise. Intecracy Ventures was created in 2017 by a group of ICT companies that are part of the Intecracy Group, and our oldest company has been operating in the market since 1995.

Services for investors and business

Investment consulting

This is a suite of professional services provided to clients interested in business optimization. The work of our specialists is to research, evaluate, analyze the client's business processes, substantiate the prospects for business development.


The service aims to prepare the institution or enterprise for IT implementation. IT consulting allows you to streamline organizational structure, business processes, enterprise document flow, introduce standards and typical solutions.

Why we work with IT-Investments

Investing in an IT-business is significantly different from investing in other areas. After all, in IT-companies, the main assets are in the minds of people and patents. Those who work in the IT field are, by their very nature, very creative and mobile people.

Our team is from different segments of IT and financial business. In addition to specifics of interaction with IT-specialists, we understand how to build work in the field of information technology.

We know how to realize the intellectual potential technically, without disturbing IT companies, how to protect the IT business legally and monetize the project at various stages.
Intecracy Ventures Co.

20+ years of experience

The experience our team has gained over more than 20 years in the IT business enables Intecracy Ventures to flexibly look at startup models for all kinds of IT businesses, including startups. We created IT companies ourselves, successfully attracted investments, implemented acquisitions and sold IT companies.


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