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Intecracy Ventures is a professional investment platform where entrepreneurs with a promising startup find venture capitalists able to invest the right amount of money, the right way.  For venture capitalists, Intecracy Ventures provides a chance to invest in startups most likely to be successful.
The Intecracy Ventures team has the necessary skills to assess the start-up’s technological level and the experience to help develop the idea to its potential.
We bring talented people and teams together. From good new business ideas, we provide early stage funds, mentoring support, office space and other necessary resources when required. The startup then creates a prototype of its revolutionary new product. While happening, Intecracy Ventures helps to turn the idea into a working business by contributing mentoring and legal support. Intecracy Ventures attracts investments for ICT startups working in new and fast-growing niches in the B2B and B2B2C segments.

For Start-up entrepreneurs

We don’t only invest in early stage innovative projects – we also provide experienced, knowledgeable insight and support.  Intecracy Ventures helps you choose the right path to success for your project.  This is especially critical in the beginning stages when your team may not have a development strategy or a clear plan of action.  The team itself might not yet be fully formed.  We bring our experience, our own money and direct contacts with established venture funds.

For Investors

We work diligently to see that the product and/or technology matches the developer’s description and the candidate investment companies are focused on growth.  We strip away unnecessary costs providing teams the necessary capability to meet service level agreements.  We allow them to concentrate on implementing their ideas. We provide pilot projects to customers and we work exclusively with projects interesting to our target group which leads to fast first orders.

Priority areas for investments 

Facial-recognition projects, new document encryption algorithms, and audio and videoconferencing are considered to be the highest priorities.  We are also interested in projects to improve biometric technologies.
To date the most interesting areas include unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, or drones, both civilian and military) as well as innovative prostheses.

Why invest in hi-tech?

Investing in hi-tech is fundamentally different from investing in other sectors.  Why?  Because companies working in the information technology field have assets based on intellectual capital, patents, and/or copyright certificates.  Those who work in the IT field, by their very nature, are creative and agile thinkers. In addition to knowing how to work with IT specialists, we understand how to build, grow, and develop an information technology business.  The Intecracy Ventures team understands the technicalities of properly deploying intellectual potential without interfering in the ongoing operation of the business all while making sure it is full protected legally.  And crucially, we understand how to monetize a project at all stages – from conception through implementation.
The individual experiences among our team members give Intecracy Ventures the ability to flexibly tailor the start-up launch model.  We take into account each company’s unique attributes. The Intecracy Group has grown startups, successfully attracted investment, successfully acquired companies, and sold companies. Today the team at Intecracy Ventures is leveraging that same experience establishing a record successfully investing in IT companies working in the B2B and B2B2C segments that are the leaders in their niches. We see the opportunities and we invest in the markets we know. Intecracy Ventures also works in partnership with IT companies operating in a range of different markets, jointly finding startups looking to maximize their potential.


The Intecracy Ventures startup accelerator was founded in 2017 by Eastern-European ICT-companies from Intecracy Group. Intecracy Ventures is the professional meeting-point for Startups and VC.

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