Happy New Year 2024 from Intecracy Ventures!

Today, the last day of 2023, Intecracy Ventures wishes friends, partners and clients a Happy New Year!

Dear Partners and Colleagues,

On behalf of our international investment company Intecracy Ventures, actively supporting the IT sector, we wish you a Happy New Year 2024 — the year of the dragon! May this year symbolize strength, wisdom, and success. We wish you innovative ideas, steady growth, and confidence in the future. May your business projects unleash their potential, and your investments yield high returns.

Happy New Year and a successful Year of the Dragon!

Best wishes,

Intecracy Ventures

Сергій Балашук, ТОВ "Айкюжн ІТ", Цифрова адаптація бізнесу, Happy New Year 2024

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Intecracy Ventures helps to attract investments and invest funds in projects that meet the requirements of the company for the quality of management and business processes. We know how to realize the intellectual potential technically, without disturbing IT companies, how to protect the IT business legally and monetize the project at various stages.

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