Intecracy Group companies continue to operate in Ukraine and carry out projects on schedule

Armed aggression has been going on since 2014. Our employees take an active part in the defense of Ukraine.

We provide assistance in creating and developing IT projects in the field of security and defense, as well as directly assisting Ukrainian soldiers on the front lines.

We are currently responsible for the work of some critical infrastructure facilities, the work of information systems of government agencies, including key registers of the country. Some teams have long been working in high load mode, ensuring the continuous operation of public services and their high level of protection against information attacks.

We are a Ukrainian business. We believe in the Armed Forces, we believe in Ukrainians and the ability of our young state to defend itself.

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Intecracy Ventures helps to attract investments and invest funds in projects that meet the requirements of the company for the quality of management and business processes. We know how to realize the intellectual potential technically, without disturbing IT companies, how to protect the IT business legally and monetize the project at various stages.

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