Global Legal Hackathon: last day

Minutes left before the official closing of the global hackathon online. Just now, perfect versions of the coolest ideas, projects and digital solutions are flowing in from all over the world. And we also clicked the «send» button.

We have done a good job of initiating and developing another critical and useful Ukrainian IT project, the International Decentralized Distributed Platform, which will help businesses and governments work closely, productively, and securely to distribute intellectual property rights.

We thank everyone who has supported our team all this time, family, friends and colleagues — for round-the-clock energetic support, participants — for the healthy spirit of the strongest and best professionals in the world, and our special thanks go to the ideological inspires of Tech Nation, Global Legal Hackathon and Financial Times for this unique opportunity to join with our experience, knowledge and effective IT services to a common mission together to confront SARS-CoV-2. Technologically and intellectually — we have found a solution!

Global Legal Hackathon

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