InBASE joins European Business Association (EVA)

InBASE joins European Business Association (EVA)

In October, InBASE joined the European Business Association (EVA) as a powerful leader in Ukraine's IT industry.

Our goal is to help businesses across industries fine-tune and optimize processes by implementing business process automation systems. For this purpose we take into account the unique needs of companies and the legal conditions in Ukraine.

«Interesting people, bright communication, concise performances» — our event manager Tatyana Tverdovskaya commented on one of the first meetings. She took an active part in the autumn networking of EBA participants.

Recall that the European Business Association is the main voice of international business in Ukraine. They are the largest and one of the most influential business communities in the country, bringing together around 900 member companies.


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Intecracy Ventures helps to attract investments and invest funds in projects that meet the requirements of the company for the quality of management and business processes. We know how to realize the intellectual potential technically, without disturbing IT companies, how to protect the IT business legally and monetize the project at various stages.

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